American Sable, Rabbits, for sale WA.

American Sable Rabbits
Show, Breeding Stock, Pets, or Fryer Rabbits.


   American Sable (AS): weigh 7-10 lbs., docile, excellent mothers, litters average 8, kits mature quickly. They make excellent show and fryer rabbits! 


   Florida White (FW): weigh 4-6 lbs., docile, excellent mothers, litters average 8 kits mature rapidly. They make excellent  show and  fryer rabbits!



Who we are; a family of 4-H, FFA, ARBA, ASRS, and WSRBA members, who have been involved for many years with rabbits showing and breeding. Under the direct guidance of our 4-H Leader/Mom, who has 35+ years of experience with rabbits. We breed for quality, health, conformation, temperament, and  to the ARBA standards.  


       Thanks for your interest in our breeds.  If you have any questions about rabbits, and not just ours, please feel free to contact us. It is our goal to educate or help anyone who needs it. 

Feel free to contact us:

E-mail:  oerabbits@gmail.com 

By phone: 509 439-1036 7 am. to 7 pm. Pacific Standard time. Thanks